After the opening reception with complimentary sangria, beer, soft drinks, and snacks, all audience members go into the theatre and start practicing 3 songs: Let's Dance by David Bowie, Purple Rain by Prince, and Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen.

After an intermission we will all head back into the theatre for our performance. We will perform all three songs and video the event for posterity.

Live music provided by
The Sin D Loppers: Ian Ballard, Mike Miller, Bob Colladay, and a special guest to be named later.

Charles Johnston will be your music director to help keep
you in time with the music.

Here are the links to video that are representative of the versions that will be performed. So start practicing and come out and sing with us!

Purple Rain:

Let's Dance:


Tickets to this Stage 9 Fundraiser are just $20! This is going to be fun so don't miss out on the party.