In fall of 2017, we started an experiment at Stage 9.  During Godspell, we offered our actors and crew members free refreshments to make getting through rehearsals a more pleasant and fulfilling experience. And the experiment worked.  Actors were impressed and immensely grateful for the hospitality that the volunteers who participated in the experiment provided.


Ruthie Barker and her Sassy Lassies were the originators of this craft department table (an industry term for a hospitality table).  And Ruthie and Bob Barker have agreed to now spearhead an effort to continue to provide actors and crew members support and refreshments through a new group of Stage 9 boosters called The Niners.


The Niners will be a force for supporting the activities at Stage 9, both on and off the stage.  They’ll be a critical part of our present and future successes.  The opportunities and vision of The Niners are limitless and it is time to create the team that will begin this exciting new chapter for Stage 9. Beyond the craft department table, new initiatives are in the works which will guarantee an experience like no other here in town.


Join us on this new adventure to support Stage 9 and the staff and volunteers who make the magic happen that you witness every day.  Contact us at as we carry out our mission to excite minds, move hearts and changes lives south central Kansas.


Onward and upward!


Charles A. Johnston, Producing Artistic Director

Stage 9