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***The Masked Jingle***

It's fundraising time at Stage 9, and boy have we got something fun for you! Beginning December 1st, 2020, we will begin releasing our episodes of, 'The Masked Jingle!' Does this title seem oddly familiar to you? Well, that's because we are doing our version of 'The Masked Singer.' However, the best part is, YOU get to be the judges!

How do I participate?

We will release two videos the week of December 1st, one on Tuesday, one on Thursday. All you have to do is simply watch the videos and go to our website and donate to the person you think should win that week! The winner stays in the competition and sings another week, and the loser gets to unmask themselves!

It's really that simple! Stay tuned as all the fun clues about our masked stars will be released very soon on Stage 9's Facebook page!

***Introducing THE CAT***

We are so excited the filming of our virtual fundraiser, 'The Masked Jingle' is well underway! The first contestant to kick us off on this masked adventure is none other than the fierce feline themselves, The Cat! You will find out more about this puuuuurfect kitty on November 30th, when we will release their clue package!

The Duck.jpg

***Introducing THE DUCK***

The battle of the "O Holy Night's" begins next week!

We are so excited to announce the release dates for our first virtual fundraiser, The Masked Jingle.

On November 30th, 2020, we will release the clue video for The Cat, and Tuesday, December 1st we will release their performance video, all right here on Facebook and on Instagram. The next video series we will release will be for the wonderful waterfowl themselves, The Duck! We will release the clue package for this dynamic ducky on Wednesday Dec 2nd, and their performance will be released on December 3rd! This first week is special. Not only are out talented contestants going head to head in this epic singing battle, they will both perform their version of 'O Holy Night!"

Here is the very first sneak peak at our 2nd contestant of this competition, The Duck!

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