This is your one stop shop for resources for actors at Stage 9.  Audition notices, cast lists and other important information about auditions will be posted here. 

The Real Inspector Hound

Saturday, May 21 & Saturday, May 28 | 11am - 2pm

Auditions will be held at Stage 9, 9 South Main

We are looking for a cast of 8 adults

Rehearsals will begin the first week of June

Show Dates: August 4-6 & 11-13, 2022

If you are unable to make it to auditions, email kris@stage9hutch.com for alternate arrangements!



DISNEY'S DESCENDANTS (with Hutchinson High School)

Cast List for Disney’s Descendants


Mal: Lillian Holeman

Evie: Emily Baker

Jay: GaVaughn Embers

Carlos: Reuben Wenger

Ben: Silas Nowlan

Jane: Addison Specht

Chad: James Gable 

Audrey: Megan Kipp

Doug: Ethan Coffey

Maleficent: Sara Nowlan

Jafar: Jacob Stapleton

Grimhilde: Claire Schreiner

Cruella DeVil: Sonata Mahoney

King Beast: Camden Kincy
Queen Belle: Abby Lemonds

Fairy Godmother: Loretta Miller

Maurice: Brian McCandless

Coach: Jonathan King

Snow White: Rachel Hein

Royal Page: Matt Baker

Royal Guard: Tim Hass

Crowd Member 1: Magnolia Foster

Crowd Member 2: Caroline Miller

Crowd Member 3: Sarah Ehmke

Smitten Kid 1: Ryan Rounds

Smitten Kid 2: Rohn Chapman

Aurodonian 1: Miley King

Aurodonian 2: Brooklyn Waymire

Aurodonian Choir: HHS Expressives


Isle Ensemble: 

Ryan Rounds 

Rohn Chapman

Zaden Kincy

Brayden Christian

Nick Caraway

Jojo Stanfield

Dafne Hobbs

Ash Valerie

Emma Buller

Lisa Sack

Sydney Jarret

Alyssa Nelson

Alexa Weigel


Aurodonian Ensemble:

Trey Hutson

Austin Edmondson

Natalya Green

Grace Hass

Daisy Dekat

Hannah Nisly

Morgan Most

Miley King

Nora Nowlan

Annika Frascino

Diana Kiuttu

Caroline Miller

Magnolia Foster

Sarah Ehmke

Brooklyn Waymire

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